Psychedelic Cannabis and You 

When someone mentions psychedelic drugs, what comes to mind? Most people probably jump to some of the generic and stereotypical psychedelic drugs like mushrooms or something. But what if I were to tell you that there is such a thing as psychedelic cannabis? Yes, you heard me correctly.

I have written about different strains of marijauna a lot on this blog, and that is simply because the world of cannabis is just so broad. There are well over 700 strains of cannabis, and there seems to be more added to that list every year. In fact, cultivators and growers are working hard to produce more potent, effective, and downright fun strains every day.

One thing that we have to look forward to in the future of cannabis is how strains will be developed and perfected over the course of the next few years. We will be smoking strains of weed that your parents would have never been able to dream of back in their day. Either way, today I wanted to take some time to talk about psychedelic strains of cannabis.

Most marijuana users are pretty hit or miss when it comes to this type of marijuana. In some areas of the country, psychedelic strains are the first ones to sell out. In others, they can’t really get them off of the shelves. Whichever camp you may fall into, I think that psychedelic strains of cannabis are cool enough to at least know about. However, research can be hard and boring, and that is why I have taken the liberty of doing it for you. So today, we are going to be talking about everything you have ever needed to know about psychedelic strains of marijuana.

So what differentiates psychedelic strains from other types of weed? More specifically, what about them is so special? Well, it all comes down to science my friends. It is pretty common knowledge that cannabis makes you high. The THC content that marijuana contains will determine the type of high, and the intensity of it, that a user will experience. Weed strains basically fall into 3 camps – sativa, indica, and hybrid.

Sativa is a type of THC that is generally associated with head highs, alertness, energy, and increased mood. Indica on the other hand, is more associated with feelings of peace, drowsiness, and relaxation. Hybrids, as the name suggests, are basically combination strains made up of indica and sativa in varying amounts. It is not totally known why some strains produce more psychoactive effects than others, but it remains true that certain strains tend to help people trip out a little more than others.

Cultivators do not necessarily breed strains of cannabis specifically for psychedelic effects, simply because there is not a huge market for it in the marijuana industry. However, it is often a by-product of a strain and therefore it gets sold as such. If you are interested in trying out psychedelic cannabis for yourself, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before doing so. The number one thing is the effects that it can have.

One of the most notable symptoms of using psychedelic cannabis strains is a shift in how a person perceives time and space. Have you ever gotten so high that you completely lost your sense of time and space? Maybe it feels like an hour has passed but it’s only been a couple minutes, or vice versa. Some people seek this out in their smoke sessions, while others prefer to stay away from it. Either way, it is one of the coolest parts about psychedelic cannabis in my opinion.

Best Strains to help with Weight Loss 

Most cannabis strains make you want to grab some food, but there are some that actually help with weight loss. Sativa-dominant strains have a lot of THCV, which is great for suppressing the appetite. Humulene is also one that helps with the suppression of appetite. It also can make it better for some who are worried about gaining weight. 

Cannabis and Weight Loss 

It actually has been found in multiple studies that those that use cannabis regularly do have lower BMI than those who don’t use cannabis. This can also offset the possibility of type 2 diabetes setting in. 

THCV is the main player of this, since it can actually, in both low and moderate amounts, actually block your CB1 receptors in the same way that THC does with the stimulation of appetite. Those that are sativa dominant that are high in CBD may also help with the suppression of appetite, and it can also help with the elevated levels of THCV. 

CBD is great for weight loss, but it can actually help with increasing the speed that one might process the sugars, which improves the metabolism, and facilitates weight loss. 

The best strains 

Some strains are better for weight loss than others. While this isn’t a guaranteed thing, here are ones that can help with appetite suppression. Dutch treat is one. I’s a haze combined with a northern lights. It’s sweet, and balanced. It also makes you feel more euphoric and happy, and you’re less likely to binge the bad foods. 

Durban poison is one that’s named after Durban, a city that’s located in South Africa.  It’s one that’s pure sativa, has high amounts of terpenes and THCV, and it can help with boosting creativity, while also helping with the energy that you have as well. 

Tangie is one that’s a blend of Skunk-1 and California Orange, and it’s one that’s pure sativa with more enticing levels of tangerine. It also is notable because it actually has myrcene in it, used to help with the energy that you have. Pineapple pups is one that has a lot of THC in it, is mostly sativa, and it’s one that’s great for fighting those nasty hunger pangs. It’s got THCV in it, and it also is a mysterious one, but it’s one that offers a lot of energizing benefits that are very clear. 

Willie Nelson is one named after the musician, and it does have a lot of THCV in it too. While willie nelson is an artist, this strain is great because it sis sativa dominant, but not so strong that it can be almost overwhelming. The beauty of this one is that it also boosts the energy levels, and also decease the appetite levels that a person might have too. 

Jack the Ripper is one that’s sativa-dominant based off the serial killer from the 19th century. It’s got some levels of THC but is great for energizing and helping the body. 

Finally, we’ve got cannatonic, which is low in THC, high in CBD, but is sativa dominant. This is one that’s a combination of G13 Haze and MK Ultra, which is popular for those who want a high that’s strong without possibly being too much. 

You should also look for those that are humulene-rich, such as girl scout cookies super lemon haze, white widow, and also sour diesel.  You should look for other popular strains that contain humulene as well to help you with your weight loss journey and benefits that you may need,, and they can be great for helping to reduce the appetite too! 

The difference Between Weed and CBD Flower 

If you’re looking to figure out the difference between CBD flower and weed, this isn’t easy with an eye that’s untrained. However, the shape and the sizes of each of the plants along with the leaves help you tell the difference. They are similar in terms of buds, and the difference is the way the flower looks, the way the chemicals are composed, and also, how it creates variable effects. 

What’s CBD 

CBD is basically from the hemp plant, and it’s something that’s found in high amounts of almost all strains. With less than .3% THC in it, it’s something that also differs from the marijuana plants because that can have almost 30% in some cases, and both of these do have CBD in different amounts. 

This is one that can also be smoked too, just like with THC, but it’s oftentimes taken in oil or edible forms to help with various different ailments. 

The similarities and differences 

There are some differences and similarities of CBD and THC, and you may want to be mindful of it so that you don’t smoke the wrong type. If you don’t want to get intoxicated or worry about failing drug tests or if you want to avoid trouble, learn the difference between these now. 

So what’s the similarities. They do look similar in the flower appearance, and they both smell similar due to the terpenes that offer the aroma, so that’s why you can’t go off of smell alone. The differences are basically in the amount of potency of THC in this. Another thing is, it’s also illegal in some cases to have THC, but with CBD, it’s legal in all of the states, so you will not get in as much trouble with CBD, but THC is a little difference. 

How to Tell the Differences 

The hemp plants that you see every now and then are a lot more taller, and much thinner, compared to the marijuana types of plants. Although you may see some sativa strains that are kind of tall, the hemp plants grow much taller. 

You also see it in the flowers that are created. Marijuana plants have a lot more flowers that are produced, and they’re usually done in bunches which are dense, but hemp flowers a re a bit more sparse compared to this. 

Then there is the leaf size.  Hemp plants tend to have thinner leaves in most cases that the marijuana leaves, which are thicker and a bit fatter. However, there are certain strains which do have similar textures to this, so bear that in mind when you’re looking at these plants. 

The flower is different mostly because of how intoxicating it is.  You can’t really tell much of a difference otherwise than these two things.  Another thing to keep in mind, is the stages of growth the plant is in. if you don’t see a plant when it’s growing, figuring out the difference in the flower and the appearance of this is a very difficult thing, and it can be a struggle for some people. 

Overall, if you’re totally not sure, you can always just ask someone.  Usually, the buds are already cultivated, and you’ll only know by smoking it, but if you do see a plant and are curious about whether it’s one or the other, take some time to learn a little bit about the 

Can Cannabis Help with Skin Cancer 

Skin cancer is something that’s common in the US. While there are some who are more at risk than others, it’s something that practically anyone can deal with. A lot of people are looking to utilize medical cannabis though to help with skin cancer symptoms. If you do qualify for that, this could be something good for you, but here, we’ll go over how this can help with the condition. 

What Medical Marijuana is 

This is a product from cannabis plants that is processed and grown to help with the relief of pain. With a lot of people approving more and more, it offers relief for a variety of health conditions. Cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes work together and offer major medicinal benefits, THC and CBD are both good for relieving pain, inflammation, reducing anxiety, and other great results from this. You can get it in the form of flower vape cartridges, along with transdermal patch options. 

How it Helps with Skin cancer 

With skin cancer being the abnormal growing of different cells in the skin due to DNA mutations and damage, it can start to multiply to become tumors. One of the most common is basal cell carcinoma, and it develops on the areas that are around the sun, including the face, neck, ears, shoulders, scalp, and the back. This is usually long-term exposure to both the sun, and the radiation of this. 

Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common one, and this is from continuous exposure to similar areas, but also the hands where the skin may have sun damage. This is usually uncontrolled growing of the cells in the squamous layer. Melanoma is another one that comes from your melanocytes, which produces melanin, and that’s what helps provide skin color. 

It’s triggered by too much sun exposure, and also if you use tanning beds too, and this is in the form of moles that are in the body, sometime sin areas that don’t see the sun. this is one of the most dangerous and it has caused over 7000 deaths in 2021. 

Then there is Merkel cell carcinoma. This is rare, but very aggressive and is associated with the Merkel cell polyomavirus, and it usually is basically in the form of lesions which are painful, and they appear on the neck, face, and even on the eyelids, and it usually is on people that are over 50 years old. So what can medical marijuana help with in this? 

Sometimes, it can actually help with the symptoms of radiation and chemotherapy, including neuropathy, struggles with appetite, and also can possibly help to slow down the growth of tumors. It may also help with pain in the bones, headaches, and even fatigue as well. 

While it doesn’t cure cancer, there are certain anti-cancer parts to this that can help with the treatment of this. Some people may use this as well for pain that’s localized in the body, since if you’re dealing with pain near the affected areas, perhaps due to radiation or chemo, you can get lotions or creams that are put there and they absorb directly into your skin, blocking out the pain without affecting other parts of your body. 

Some people also may possibly use this to help with stimulating appetite, as radiation and chemotherapy can sometimes make you grossly lose your appetite in some case. While marijuana is not a cure for skin cancer, it can help with making the pain a bit better and allows for someone to get the treatments that they need to recover and help to eliminate cancer. 

Should We Be Able to Use Marijuana While Working From Home?

There are a lot of problems with employment in our country. Unemployment rates, low wages, huge pay gaps, inequalities, and more things have created a really hard environment for Americans to work in. Everyone is complaining about not finding people to work, while simultaneously not raising wages to incentivize more people to go out and find jobs. Isn’t that like, basic economics and supply/demand? Anyways, the pandemic did not help with the whole unemployment thing in our country. Plus, the people that were able to keep jobs ended up working from home for almost 2 years now. The corporate world in America is finally starting to trickle back into their offices, but only after people have spent 20 or so months locked in their houses and apartments instead of commuting to their 9 to 5 office. What has this done to our workforce? Well, for starters, studies have shown that working from home has been extremely hard on our collective mental health as a nation.

More adults in the United States than ever before have been diagnosed with some sort of anxiety or depression disorder, and many employees have stated that they have experienced higher levels of stress and depression while working from home. I am someone who needs to be around people for at least a portion of the day. Otherwise, I get sad – that is just how it is. Consequently, working fully remote would just be a recipe for disaster for someone like myself. However, with all of the problems that stem from working from home and the pandemic, is it okay to self medicate with marijuana? Of course! But what about during work hours? See, that gets a little more controversial and complicated. Today, I am going to be talking about work culture in America and what it says about using weed while working from home.

I will start this off by saying that I don’t think anyone should be getting blazed while trying to be productive at work. No matter how productive you think you are, no one is going to believe that you are truly more productive than when you haven’t just smoked 4 grams of marijuana. I personally do not blame employees that chose to self medicate their anxiety and depression with weed while working from home. Having a little mood and energy boost is great for productivity and work ethic, and I truly believe that happier employees are more productive. This is also backed by numerous studies as well.

However, I don’t think that employees should be getting super high while working. Not only is it unprofessional, but it’s just not sustainable. Many businesses are starting to accept the idea that their employees likely use marijuana outside of work, and more are coming to the reality that it may even be happening at work (from home) as well. But it’s not so easy to find a balance between using too much weed while working or not enough. After all, shouldn’t people with severe chronic pain be able to find relief from their pain during work hours? But how high can they get before it is too much? It all gets very murky.

As we transition back to working in person or more hybrid style, I think that it is important to talk about this issue with employees and employers alike. If you are getting high at work, that is probably an issue. But if you are microdosing with a 5mg gummy after lunch in order to make it to 5:00pm, I don’t really see an issue. 

All about Hemp 

Hemp is something that’s used not just for cannabis consumption, but it’s also something more. it can be used in rope, clothing, cleaning products, food, and is even considered a biofuel. While it won’t create the high that weed does, this is something that still offers a ton of health benefits. 

What it is 

Hemp is part of the cannabis sativa species, and it also does have the same ancestor that marijuana and other types of cannabis plants have. While cannabis is usually bred solely for the buds and the cultivate profiles, or the psychoactive reasons, the hemp plant is bred for the fibers of the stalk, and the seeds that are used as a great resource. 

The thing with hemp, is that it’s not something new. It’s been used for years and is considered the oldest crop that’s been domesticated known to people on earth. We get fiber directly from the stems of the plant, which is what’s used to make materials to build, clothing, rope, and even paper in a lot of cases. You can also get oil of this directly from the flowers and leaves, offering better cooking, and the seeds are also a great protein for you to use too. 

The difference between legal hemp that you can get anywhere and those that are considered marijuana is basically the amount of THC in this. Most hemp plants have less than .3% THC in it, but you can also get marijuana cultivars from this, with little THC, but it’s still viewed as marijuana typically by the government. 

The differences between hemp and Marijuana 

There are some differences between this. The first and most obvious is the THC content within this. Psychoactive strains tend to contain a lot more THC, but all hemp that’s legal has only .3% THC in this, based on the dry weight. Even with the differences, farmers do need to have a license to raise the hemp, in order to work with the US laws. Hemp also has a lot of the same compounds that are found in marijuana too, which makes it something worth using. 

However, the big difference is that it’s in lower amounts. So you can consume it to have the benefits, but it’s not as worthwhile compared to say using other types of cannabis products such as CBD. Hemp is usually bred to get the seeds and the stalk, which is used for a variety of applications, including industrial and nutritional applications, and it also is a great bioremediatory to help restore soil that needs it. 

Marijuana is bred and grown for one reason: the trichomes. The trichomes are where a ton of the different cannabinoids are, including those that aren’t necessarily active. CBN, CBD, THCV, and the like offer a ton of great, therapeutic benefits to this that can really shine when you breed them a certain way. 

Hemp uses 

Hemp is something that’s used for a variety of reasons, including food, clothing, and other materials. 

CBD oil is actually taken from the leaves and the flowers, which is a legal way federally to let people use CBD as a supplement, which is why a lot of the cultivation for farmers is usually for this. Hemp oil is great for cooking, since it has a lot of omega-3s in it. 

The fibers are used for clothing, textiles, papers, ropes, and other materials to build. You can harvest to hurds in order to make anything from ceiling panels to bedding. The fibers that are on the outer parts of this do actually get separated as well too. 

Is Marijuana Okay for Dogs? 

For a lot of people who use medical cannabis, they probably know about being high, and the cannabis that you consume. You may wonder if it affects dogs though and if it’s bad. This is something that’s definitely been questioned by many, and with more people accidentally exposing their dogs to cannabis in both an intentional and unintentional manner, it’s important to know the answers to this. 

What happens when a Dog Has Marijuana 

The cannabis does impact different centers within the brain. Pets have this too, and dogs especially, so they can feel high too. While the high is oftentimes good for dogs in their minds, it can sometimes get very intense much quicker, which is why the dosage for these products is not safe for dogs.  They also have the highest amount of cannabinoid receptors within the brain, which makes the psychoactive effects that much more prominent. 

This can cause a lot of effects in dogs, including lethargy, hyperactivity, vomiting, incontinence, respiratory issues, seizures, and abnormal heart rate. Luckily, this lasts usually less than 24 hours. 

Is it Toxic? 

This is something that isn’t toxic. While medical marijuana has too much THC for a dog to have safely, the margin is quite high. However, there are instances where pets have died because of this, and they’re becoming more common since the potency of this is increasing. That’s why we don’t want pets to be exposed to THC period, in order to be kept safe. 

The most potent Cannabis 

Right now, there’s a ton of cannabis strains that are definitely high in potency. The rule of thumb is that the higher the potency is, the riskier it is for anyone to consume, dogs especially. Marijuana that’s medical-grade are some of the most potent out there so the amount that a pet needs to have is something that’s quite small, less than you might think. While it may be something that is not really on your radar, it’s important to make sure that you don’t do it. 

As a rule of thumb, edibles are by far the riskiest, since the THC in this is far more concentrated than if they get secondhand smoke, and also has other toxins that are quite bad for dogs, including chocolate. 

Pet toxicosis 

This is when a pet is exposed to some kind of toxin, usually by inhalation or ingestion. This is something that’s been increasing quite a bit with the legalization of cannabis. This is because they’re exposed to the medical-grade stuff, which is more potent, and it can increase those effects dramatically. Most of the side effects of this, including a death and coma, were not heard of usually, until there was higher potency products, especially medical cannabis, since that’s something that’s very potent for most dogs. 

So is it safe for them to be around it? This is oftentimes the question. Ideally no, but if you have CBD products that are only CBD, then yes, a dog can have it.  Dogs can have an edible so long as it doesn’t have THC in it (and of course doesn’t include chocolate). This is because THC is something that activates those CB1 receptors. CBD only activates your CB2 receptors, and it’s something that’s around the body. so if you’re worried about it possibly harming the dog, you don’t have to fret. This is much safer for a lot of dogs, and it’s the option for those pets who have anxiety, seizures, cancer, and even chronic pain, as this can be something that can impact a dog’s health and wellness as well. 

The Best Cannabis Strains for Chronic Pain 

If you or someone you know has ever struggled with chronic pain, whether it be from a type of disease or something, you know just how debilitating it can be. Chronic pain is a really hard topic to bring up because it is such a touchy subject. There are a lot of misconceptions about how chronic pain works and who it affects.

There is nothing worse than having to deal with some severe form of pain, only to have people brush you off and saying that your pain is not valid. Truly, people that have not had chronic pain cannot really understand. The harsh reality of the world we are living in is that there is plenty of pain to go around. In fact, I read in a different article that roughly 12% of all the prescriptions taken out in the United States each year are for dealing severe pain symptoms.

This is not just the type of pain that ibuprofen can take away. People that suffer with chronic pain will tell you that even some of the most powerful prescription drugs on the market can be ineffective at times. Plus, a lot of these prescriptions can be addictive and lead to abuse. There are also plenty of negative side effects that can leave the patient feeling just as bad with their medication. Marijuana has been used to treat chronic pain within the medical marijuana community for quite some time now. While there is still a lot that we do not know about marijuana and how it specifically affects levels of pain in the human body, we do know that it can work pretty effectively for certain medical marijuana patients.

It has proven itself to be an effective way of treating and preventing chronic pain, and it is really something that should be considered in every sector of our healthcare system and pain management. Today, I wanted to write this article about how you can treat or manage your pain levels using medical marijuana. Of course, you are going to want to pick particular strains that work best for treating pain, so I will tell you about some of those right now.

One of the first strains that I want to talk to you about is called Sour Diesel. Sour Diesel, though it has a funny name if you are unfamiliar with it, is one of the most popular marijuana strains to date. This strain is sativa dominant, meaning that it will leave you feeling more energized and alert than if you were going to be using something with more indica.

It is also very high in THC, meaning that it packs quite the punch. It is not necessarily a strain that is suitable for beginners, but if you have been around the blunt a few times, it can definitely be an effective way to treat your chronic pain levels from the source. I have personally used Sour Diesel in the last week or so and can attest to how strong and powerful it is. It’s not necessarily overwhelming, but it definitely gets the job done. 

Northern Lights is another very popular strain that is considered one of the best strains for pain management and relief. This strain is more indica dominant, so it is a great one to take when you are planning on settling down for the night. This strain has actually won a lot of awards for its ability to help medical marijuana users find relief from their various conditions, and honestly I cannot speak highly enough of this strain. The high is intense and powerful, but it is much more of a relaxing body high than something like Sour Diesel.

2-AG and your current Endocannabinoid system 

This is one of the most abundant current endocannabinoids out there, which does flow between your neurons to control the release. This is a molecule that does keep everything in balance, including your immunity, your appetite as the body needs it, and it can even play a role in sexual arousal of the body. 

Who discovered it. 

The person who discovered 2-Arachidonoglycerol, or 2-AG is someone who played a major role in the way that cannabinoids work, and it was found by a game named Dr. Raphael Meschoulam, and it’s one who found this in Israel, discovering this along with the compound of THC on the ECS. He found that 2-Ag had specific signaling aspects that came along with this, and it soon what’s called the endocannabinoids, which are cannabinoids that are within the body. His team then went to look at the different ligands that are within the tissues of animals, and that 2-AG among other ligands, did bond with the ECS receptors too. 

So what is it Exactly? 

This is a chemical which does bind directly to your ECS receptors, offering the champagnes that are necessary within specific target cells. It’s an ester that’s created with omega-6 arachidonic acid, along with glycerol that comes from arachidonic acid. This is something that’s a lipid (otherwise known as fats) that offer messages within your ECS. 

Because it uses these fatty acids, various dietary changes do change the “tone” of your ECS. The 2AG fluids offer the status as one of the most abundant kinds of endocannabinoids in the brain, and it’s considered the full agonist amongst your ECS receptors too. That means when it does bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, it gets fully activated.  Anandamide is a partial agonist of this, so the results are quite limited. 

The functions 

This is one that’s very important for your central nervous system, and the immune system, due to what the body needs to break it down to modulate. For the CNS, it’s basically responsible for the release  of the 2AG receptors, so it’s a big responsibility for it, since it’s basically how we feel, look, and perceive various realities. 

There are a few ways for you to look at this. The main way is that the neurons do send various signals via impulses, which do result in neurotransmitter releases. When this recaches what’s called the presynaptic neuron, it does prompt the release of this, and then it binds to your postsynaptic neurons. 

This does work on retrograde ways, so it goes back across the cleft, which is then against the normal flow.  This is because it allows for postsynaptic cells to control the traffic of it, causing excitation of this. 

As for the immune system, it offers balance to this immune system by possessing both the CB1 and the CB2 receptors, it controls and modulates these. 

This includes the following: 

  • Your b cells 
  • Your natural killer cells 
  • The monocytes 

This is something that dampens the firing when needed, and it then prevents your immunity from going crazy. 

It also works to help with stimulating your appetite, which is partially responsible for the “munchies” you get when you have cannabis.  It can control the food intake, so that’s why you may eat after smoking. Finally, it controls sexual function, and it can help cap the sexual desire feelings. According to a study that looked at the concentrations of this, it wsa found that endocannabinoids gatekeep the feelings of your sexual desire as it arises, and they also do help to temporarily look at different feelings as well.